Say Goodbye to Sexual Shame

Learn how to talk about sex, sexuality, and unwanted sexual behavior in a new and healthy way.


Meet the Author

Just a guy from Jersey…

Carl Thomas knows what it’s like to feel trapped by crushing shame. He’s a former porn addict who’s been helping others find freedom for over 10 years.

In 2019 he launched Live Free Ministries and created the Live Free Community App to provide a safe and supportive community for men who hunger for real freedom. He also launched Live Free Wives, a free support community for spouses.

Carl is an ordained pastor, certified Neuro Health Coach, and the CEO of XXXchurch.com.

Carl’s passion for helping individuals find freedom, peace, and purpose is only matched by his New Jersey directness, love for family, devotion to Philadelphia sports teams, and infatuation with his white Jeep Wrangler.




Jeff Borkoski | Best Selling Author of Wife Magnet

Everyone needs a Carl Thomas in their life. Someone who talks about the stuff most of us won't. Not to be crass or irreverent, but to push us toward growth and transformation. That's his passion. It's also the goal of When Shame Gets Real. If shame has ever held you back or quietly whispered, “You're worthless,” I have a suggestion: Shut its mouth by diving into this very raw and honest book. Your transformation — a bigger, bolder, more powerful life — is about to get real.

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Jonathan Daugherty | Founder at Be Broken Ministries

Shame is crippling to the mind and soul. Carl does a good job of describing what shame is and the many ways it damages individuals and relationships. His writing style is raw and real. If you have struggled to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors and maybe never understood why, this book can help you.

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